NJ Medical Marijuana Program Too Long a Wait and Too Expensive

Sunday, April 19th, 2020

medical marijuana nj

Elizabeth Kirwin, Editor and owner of Fairies in America.

by Elizabeth Kirwin

I applauded Governor Murphy during my last post for expanding the medical marijuana program to include conditions like chronic pain and anxiety.  I also want to give him a big KUDOS for the way he has handled the COVID-19 Pandemic in the state of NJ, right from the outset, deploying all of the best strategies to help mitigate the number of infections and death.

Today I have to criticize the Medical Marijuana Program in NJ, of which I am a part.  The process takes entirely too long. I can get a NJ license from the DMV same day.  A Medical Marijuana license took three weeks, from the date I first visited the Realeaf Alternatie clinic which cost $400!. That’s too long for any patient to wait and too much money for anyone to pay.  In Colorado, I had to wait a maximum of 3 days in order to print my own license on my home printer.  The visit to the clinic cost like $80 and my license from the State of Colorado was $15.

The other issue, which is major, is a lack of innovative product lines, such as a MUCH wider choice of medical edibles, wax and/or shatter and other innovative ways to drink or eat thc,

I got my new license in the mail one day late. On April 15, I went to the Curaleaf dispensary and waited two and one half hours to gain entrance to the dispensary.

Isn’t there a more efficient way to go about a legal cannabis purchase in the state of New Jersey?  Why is there only one dispensary in all of Camden County?  This drives the price up significantly. With less competition, the big players can dominate the market.  Why has it taken so long for new medical dispensaries to open? Has the COVID-19 Pandemic really slowed things that much?

It’s not fair to low income residents of the State of New Jersey with a medical marijuana card to pay these exhorbitantly high prices for cannabis (90-110 per quarter).  There are actually gluts in the market in  Colorado. In October of 2019, when I left, the retail price of cannabis was $950/pound.  In many medical dispensaries in Colorado Springs one could obtain an ounce of weed for $60-100. Why is is so expensive in New Jersey?

Governor Murphy, I implore you, please do something to expand the program here so that residents can legally grow their own small supply.It helps to bring the price down, and it is just a weed after all.

What is wrong with the medical marijuana system in New Jersey?  It’s about to be subsumed by Corporate greed, that’s what. There’s no reason for this to happen right away or – ever.

Give people a chance to grow their own and they won’t mess it up. Expand the number of dispensaries right away. Also, make it easier and less expensive for people to see marijuana doctors. The clinic is a great idea.





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