Ben Bulbin and the Faery Tree

Music composition by LiamSckhot

From a Fender Guitar Composition called Ben Bulbin
A mystical gypsy guitar piece
An acoustic and electronic composition

Liam Sckhot and I were with C. Hill at Reality House in Marshall, NC, the second home of Lee Ann Brown, Tony Torn and their daughter Miranda. The family was in NYC and they had lent it to us for artistic purposes.

We had a jam session by the fireside, a little wine and some food. Charlie started playing wild music on guitar. I read aloud from the W. Evans Wenz book, The Fairy Faith in Celtic Countries. I was reading about Ben Bulbin, that mythical flat topped mountain in Ireland where the faery gentry are said to live.

Click the free podcast below to listen to the 2 min. reading. 

Liam was playing the Fender guitar. Charlie said, “Liam play some more of that wild 1960s music,” and we all listened. He played on.

Before Liam ended his guitar playing for the evening, the base guitar track for “Ben Bulbin” was born.

Reality House is on a precipice of at least 1000 feet above the French Broad River. It was a cold night, the weekend before Samhain, and the wind came up out of nowhere.

This is when the faery poltergeist began. The wind swirled around and shook the house all night long. There were strange noises and knocks upon the door. There was laughter and voices in the hallways. Charlie had to leave because he couldn’t sleep. There were thuds and thumps and noise and bumps from head to stern from dust until dawn. The faeries went wild.

The next night a raccoon came up to the skylight in the loft and scratched for hours for admittance. When I woke, I was surprised the floorboards were still intact.

As the fog lifted from Reality House that Sunday, we decided to head to Hot Springs for a soak. Sitting in the mineral water, basking in the fall sun, we continued to heighten the energies begun at Reality House. The faeries were still there, and they still are.

They’ve been stirred up for good.

By the end of the week, Liam had been given a dream and more music by the faeries to go with his guitar track about Ben Bulbin.

The Hurdy Gurdy Man and a Dream Vision
By LiamSckhot

As we go through life we will see and envision many things. When the gypsy faeries come forward showing their messages from the tree of life, the faeries of lost realms, of pure love, began chanting their song. I became their messenger when they showed themselves to me in a dream on Samhain night. And now I am the messenger of pure love.

There is only one way to the tree of life. Through faery music I am here to show you the way called pure love. The river flows secretly through the trunk of the tree. Now it may seem that just when many think they have found that key substance of gratification in this realm, they awaken only to find that it is gone, along with many other dreams and aspirations. Sometimes everything is gone.

But please remember the way to pure love for all is the river of life that flows secretly that flows right into the trunk of the tree of life – and it is protected! The tree of life resembles a gigantic cork and oak type of a tree with huge pods bigger than watermelons. These pods contain elementals of life for many realms and levels. The tree grows on a bend in the river of life between the worlds. The undesirable or uninvited or partially used up pods of many realities slide down the angled, grooved, gnarled trunk to be consumed on the edge of the banks of the river of life. The water in the middle of the river of life is pure and aggressively protected by doglike fish as fast as lightening.

In the dream I saw three beings. They told me they were the faeries of pure love. They showed me the way to the middle of the realm and the crown of the tree of life, pure love.

The faeries I saw were naked small sensual faeries with clear purple, blue white eyes, and alabaster skin. They had beautiful bodies with much sensuality and sexuality, They were sexual creatures protected from all, from everything by their beautiful music.

This composition is accurate, done in my remembrance of their moments of appearance in this realm, here for all. Babylon will disappear as fast as it appeared. But I will always play the hurdy gurdy and many other musical instruments.

The faery faith is for all.