Medical Marijuana NJ

Lemon Skunk – a FAV from Coast to Coast

by Elizabeth Kirwin

Curaleaf puts out an amazing Lemon Skunk vape cartridge that will blow your mind.  I have always loved skunk weed.  True, you have to pack it well – it stinks – thus its name.

I was pretty jazzed when I found out that Curaleaf produced a Lemon Skunk in vape.  It’s 70% thc like the rest of their cartridges.

I had some Philly Skunk flower in Colorado that rocked my world too.  The thing I love about Skunk weed is that its a sativa.  It’s hard to find a good, reliable sativa that won’t rock your mind so thoroughly, you refuse to go anywhere or see anyone.  You want a smooth sativa that gives you a nice light crown chakra type buzz, connecting you to the rest of the world and other entities.  That’s what skunk weed provides for me.  I am energetic, in a good mood, and even a bit devilish.

Nice! Super Sherb #4 comes in at 31.37% thc.

I also have to applaud CuraLeaf for creating and disseminating the “Super Sherb #4” coming in just over 31% thc, this weed is a superstar for sure.  Way to go in creating a truly great medicine! Yes, it’s a sativa.  Just be careful with it.  Do it one long hit and then put it away.  It’s all ‘ya really need.

Meanwhile, the long lines, on the hot days, even in the morning, are getting quite tiresome. Though I applaud the products  Curaleaf produces, I abhor the way customers have to wait for hours in the hot sun or run their air conditioners in their cars, while they wait for admittance.

Isn’t there a better way?  For instance, can Curaleaf, at long last, implement the much promised (and working) on-line order system, to save working people and parents some time?  I would really love to see this happen.

As for me, waiting outside I meet some of the greatest people in NJ. They are super fly and I love talking to them and security, who all work so very hard in the heat of August.  You rock guys! Thanks for keeping this wandering band of people in order.