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UV Air Filtration

The Molekule is one of the top performing residential models for UV air filtration.

MOLEKULE is Air Purification with Ultraviolet Light Killing Viruses and Bacteria

Guard Your Keep

In the age of COVID-19 and other airborne viruses and bacteria that can make humans sick and even kill them, it’s time for   a life saving idea for you and your family.  Do you plan to be dependent on the government or even the medical establishment to keep you and yours well?  Good luck!

I am here to say there is a different way all together that actually makes sense and is dependent upon new(er) technology.  The idea is a simple one and I am sure you will grasp it easily.  Picture this. We live in an age wher

UV air purifier

The Molekule, sideview, shows the intake filter at the bottom and the steady whirr of clean air comes from the top.

e the water and air are poisoned by micro organisms invisible to the naked eye.  It’s hard to fight against what cannot be seen.

Science can be trusted here. The science behind ultraviolet light – air and water purification – has been studied by scientists for decades.  Now it’s time to deploy this technology on a mass scale.  The Molekule and Molekule Mini are both devices with a great deal of science behind them.  The air filtration method takes air through the bottom and the first stage of filtration.  The next stage of filtration is done with Ultraviolet(UV) light that is shown in certain levels to kill most viruses, bacteria, black mold, ecoli and sewage damaged areas.  UV light is known to be dangerous to human skin. This is why the Molekule is designed to shield the UV light from humans.

From out of the top of the air purifier – comes the clean air once purified.  Leaving the Molekule on is easy.  Once it determines room size (up to 650 feet), the Molekule goes to work purifying air 24/7, with an identical electrical pull to a 35 watt light bulb.  Over the years, UV air purification devices designed for the home have become more energy efficient in design.

For more information, visit Molekule online and read about the technology yourself.  The molekule is built with light weight alloy materials – so not only does it deflect the dangerous light from humans and pets, it is also easy to carry from room to room.

— by Elizabeth Kirwin

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