Tomorrow Waits For No One: Fairy Filmmaking in Asheville, NC

The Vision of Writer, Director and Creator Marcello Lanfranchi
Tomorrow Waits For No One comes from the creative genius and vision of Marcello Lanfranchi, lovingly known in the Radical Fairy community as Vermin. I first met Marcello in May of 2008 at the annual Short Mountain Sanctuary Beltane celebration. I have always felt our meeting was a blessing from the goddess and she blessed me again when Marcello moved back to my beloved mountain home, Asheville, NC. I will never forget the first thing Marcello said to me….”I love your laugh.” Marcello not only leaves an impression because of his warm, kind and fun spirit, he is also intelligent and challenges people around him to think differently and to get involved in community activism. All of these traits are what make Tomorrow Waits For No One such an original and exciting project. As creator, executive producer and head writer, Marcello has brought together an exceptional cast and crew to begin the filming of this unique series.

Listen to an interview with teen composer Julien Melissas’ mother Jenna, singer, musician and fairy believer.

Interview with Jenna

More interviews to come in the future: I apologize for recent technical difficulties.

The Story of Tomorrow Waits For No One

Tomorrow Waits For No One first began in 2003. Inspired by the daytime dramas popular throughout has childhood, Marcello developed Tomorrow Waits For No One as a series that can be read or watched in installments by viewers all over the world. According to the web site, “Tomorrow Waits For No One is the saga of the people of San Marcello, California, in the heart of San Francisco’s Silicon Valley. It is the tale of their hopes and dreams, their desires, their fears. The bonds that hold relations together, and the feuds that tear families apart. New loves; relationships gone sour; births, deaths, and sometimes even rebirth! Ruling Class abuses; Middle Class apathy; Working Class struggles. Residents of San Marcello lead ordinary lives. But extraordinary things sometimes happen to ordinary people.”