The Poetry of Vince Ancona

Vince Ancona

Vince Ancona, a new American poet with faery sensibilities.

Vincent John Ancona is a published poet currently working on his third collection of poems. His work has caught the attention of such renowned artists and writers as David LaChapelle, Lili Bita, The Commodores, Bryant Mcgill, Susaye Green, Rae Desmond Jones and CAConrad, to name a few. He was one of 4 poets nationwide to receive an honorable mention in the McGill Poetry Award, and has been published in various magazines and journals such as The American Review Literary Journal, The Bicycle Review, The Absurdist Monthly Review, Web Digest Weekly and Wilhelm Magazines. Vincent has done readings both City & Country wide and has been featured in various newspapers and other online media for these events. He is currently involved in several well regarded poetry competitions world wide and continues to work vigilantly at building a name for himself and living his dream of being a poet and artist in the 21st century. Visit for more information.




Ode To Silence

I don’t mean to single you out

nor do I mean to draw attention to myself.

As you know, I exist in you

as we all exist in you.

My nights pour soundless like dark molasses

and my days, clenched tight by your icy fists…

are stronger than any force I’ve known.

This beating heart, this throbbing universe

needs more than vibrations to sustain itself.

Perhaps everything exists to avoid you.

You embody empty rooms and shadows and

things that can’t breathe.

You are the heartbeat in my couch

and the pulse in my blinds.

Though even inanimate objects will eventually defy you…

you will outlast galaxies.

There is something inside you louder

than any noise.

You do not need me to make room for you.

All of empty space is where you

soundlessly stomp us out.

I make empty promises to myself each night:

Not to name the cracks on my ceiling…


To be both gay and happy..


Not to plea with God…


To hold more than myself…


Not to see answers through chilled light…


To seek out the great sound

that was lost in your

bottomless echo…