The Drover of Shan-walla, A Lyrical Ballad

Lyrics by Elizabeth Kirwin & Electronic Musical Composition, Liam Sckhot

copyright 2011 by Elizabeth Kirwin and LiamSckhot

“Others too have seen spirits in the Enchanted Woods. A labourer told us of what a friend of his had seen in a part of the woods that is called Shan-walla, from some old village that was before the wood.” W.B. Yeats, The Celtic Twighlight, “The Enchanted Woods”

The Drover of Shan-walla is a fairy gothic ballad written in the bardic style, with contemporary, electronic musical accompaniment. The drover of this poem leads a secret life, other than tending sheep, and the people of the town know about it, though they cannot really categorize his activities.

My drover is not a sheep herder at all, it is a front for his real secret life – a life that feeds the imagination and is intimately tied to nature. The legend of the dragon tamer and the dragon slayer is dismantled in this lyrical ballad, and another position is presented. According to LiamSckhot, the musical composer of this piece, “submission dominates aggression” in this ballad. Have a listen and see for yourself. It’s another installment in the faery gothic series.