Copyright 2011 by LiamSckhot (music) and Elizabeth Kirwin (lyrics)

The Shantytowns of the Irish Coast, like the North Carolina Coast, were filled with looters looking for coins or valuable goods in the shipwrecks. Many were not pirates, but local townsfolk simply trying to survive and augment their living.

However, these temporary sea camps were dangerous places. Here a man might lose his life over a squabble over valuables.

The bard loved to perform in Shantytowns. He often learned of shipwrecks through word of mouth from the local inhabitants, and would walk for days on end to reach the location before it was abandoned. More than anywhere else, he loved to recite his ballads and play in Shantytowns, because here, he could experience music and poetry in their purest forms.

Before entering the coastal area near Donegal, the bard is simultaneously cursed and blessed by a witch who crosses his path.

This Shantytown will be the place of the first fated meeting with the seafarer.

The bard escapes from the threat of death and performs in Shantytown while he makes a lifelong friend (the seafarer). The seaman is a much beloved father-figure, a transient figure in the bard’s life. In the absence of his own father, who was lost at sea, the bard sees a resemblance and develops a soulful relationship with this man who saved his life.