Renewing my Medical Marijuana Card

By Elizabeth Kirwin

This summer has been absolute hell for me because of my lower back. I had a major pull that turned into sciatica in mid-June. It took at least two months to recuperate.   Thankfully, there is THC in abundance in Colorado.

I was self-medicating throughout the summer.

While I was having severe pain in June, July and August, I was able to obtain some of Mary’s Medicinal transdermal THC patches. I put the patch on two days in a row. It made my camping trip smooth. With the patch I was able to hike about a mile or so.

I ate edibles in the evenings when the prescription for my pain meds lapsed and my Nurse Practitioner was on vacation. I also enjoyed some vaping as well as flower during this time.

Medical Marijuana Card Colorado

Visiting a cannabis clinic in Colorado to get a medical marijuana card is hassle free.

Today, I went to renew my Medical Marijuana card. It went without a hitch! I saw the same exact doctor I saw last year. He pulled my file and we chatted about my lower back. He had an enormous corner cage where a Boston Terrier was fast asleep on the floor. We spoke about the Boston Terrier breed and how amazing they are to have as pets.

I went out near the front desk and one of the employees helped me go online on my smart phone and renew my card with the State of Colorado. I paid the state fee of 26.22. Medical Alternatives Clinic got $70 – because I had a coupon from another dispensary. Yes – they honored the coupon.

It took about one hour, maybe one hour and ten minutes, to finish the process of renewal of my Colorado Med Card, which includes paying to see the doctor, seeing and speaking to the doctor, and receiving his digital recommendation to prescribe on my marijuana registry page with the state.

Medical Alternatives Clinic was easy peasy. The environment was clean, professional, efficient and even a bit fun. For a total of $96.22 my Medical Marijuana Card is good for one year.

This no hassle system involves one important document: a Colorado driver’s license or Colorado ID, or a recent W-2 paystub establishing residency. Requiring just one of these documents streamlines the process. Medical marijuana clinics can easily keep a file on their patients and renew their medical card annually. It does benefit to utilize the same clinic each time.

I am so thankful that Governor Murphy, from New Jersey, has expanded Medical Cannabis in the state. His upgrades include: issuing more medical dispensary licenses, opening up the health care code for Medical Cannabis licensing and honoring Medical Marijuana Cards from other states for up to six months. Thank you, Governor Murphy, for signing this into law on July 2, 2019. It’s just in time for my return to my home state – New Jersey.

I will continue to stay medicated.  See you in New Jersey!