Queer Journeys

Christine is a M to F who identifies as a lesbian. She tells her story of sexual identity in this video clip.

On August 9th, JustUsForAll hosted “Queer Journeys” at Club Hairspray in downtown Asheville.

There were many interesting performers and various stories that were told. Some were about coming out, others were about being transgendered or queer, in a paint by numbers world.  The young, enthusiastic group seemed not only politically involved (rare these days) but also aware that they need to evoke change in order for it to happen.

Perhaps the most interesting performer was the first one to take the stage: Christine. A M to F who identifies as a lesbian, Christine’s poem/performance  is an honest account of the struggle for sexual identity for a trans person.

Click the link to see the video @ Club Hairspray.


Christine is not in drag here — these are her everyday threads.  She tells it like it is and even finds love, despite obstacles to understanding.

JustUsForAll is a unique group.  It made me believe again in queer politics, after taking nearly a decade off from activism.

Damn, I’m so impressed the youth are up to something.