My Top 3 Medical Dispensaries in Colorado Springs

by Elizabeth Kirwin

In a town filled solely with medical cannabis dispensaries, it is hard to decide upon just three dispensaries. Many patients, like myself, sign up with a dispensary in the neighborhood. I live in Southeast Colorado Springs, about five miles from downtown.

When you receive your medical card, you are instructed (by ‘the state’ of Colorado) to sign up with one dispensary. This is the dispensary where you choose to be a member. At your member dispensary, you receive special deals and member discounts. Some medical dispensaries even give you swag when you sign on. Swag includes: t-shirts, coffee cups, tote bags, etc.

Just because you have a dispensary where you are a member, does not mean you are required to shop only there. Quite the contrary! Medical marijuana patients can shop in any medical dispensary in Colorado Springs and the entire state of Colorado.

For now, I want to focus on my top three choices in the best medical dispensaries in Colorado Springs. My choices are focused in the South, where I live.


Maggie’s Farm (South)

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Maggie’s Farm on South Nevada in Colorado Springs

1420 South Nevada

Colorado Springs, CO

Maggie’s Farm in Boulder was the first medical dispensary in Colorado. With this kind of lineage, a patient can expect the best products. Maggie’s Farm (South) is my happy place. It’s filled with a great assortment of products for medical patients. Best of all, the bud tenders are well-informed on all of the products and they are happy to answer all of my questions.  The manager, Justin, is really on top of things.

Member prices for pre-packaged, machine trimmed flower per ounce are reasonably low. The artisan trimmed bud and pre-rolls are of a high quality, with high(er) thc counts. But all of the flower is grown outdoors, giving it a harsh tinge, when compared to indoor grown marijuana. It’s just the nature of the beast, that’s all. Maggie’s Farm is still my favorite, because the flower is organic and green certified.

Maggie’s Farm is a clean green certified grower of cannabis in Colorado.

The prices for wax, shatter and resin are all incredibly low. I have seen other bud tenders shopping there, because Maggie’s Farm carries special brands of live resin. The price for cartridges at Maggie’s is also quite reasonable. Members can go on Wednesday and receive a BOGO 50% off on all carts. This helps keep the cart budget affordable.

If you make it into Maggie’s Farm before 11 a.m., congratulate yourself. You will receive the 10% Wake and Bake discount.

Thanks to Maggie’s Farm I can afford my own thc habit. The ‘Farm’ also gives me 8 grams of wax every time my account reaches 1000 points (or dollars spent). It’s either 8 grams of wax for two dollars or an ounce of flower for $10.

Maggie’s Farm’s staff is always thinking of the patients first. It works for me.

Healing Canna (South)

colorado cannabis

Healing Canna on Bijou Street in Colorado Springs was my very first dispensary.

3692 East Bijou Street

Colorado Springs, CO

Healing Canna was the first medical dispensary I became a member of in Colorado, so it will always be near and dear to my heart. There is a grow operation attached to this medical dispensary, so the smell of fresh cannabis comes through your nostrils right in the parking lot.

Walking into the lobby, you are greeted by the friendly women at the desk – always cheerful. They check medical cards and IDs. I am amazed at the size of the brick building that Healing Canna occupies. It’s actually a large operation, with two storefronts, including one on the West End of Downtown Colorado Springs.

Finally, I am allowed into the sanctuary of weed in the back room, where all the deals go down. I love when the window shade is up and the new crop of marijuana plants is viewable. The buds look so happy – they extend their antennas towards the ceiling, gobbling up the artificial light.

Healing Canna is open until 9 p.m. in the summer.

Although I am trying to decrease my intake of flower, when I visit Healing Canna, the bud fiend in me comes alive – and I have to buy at least an 1/8th. Healing Canna has great deals on carts and wax, too. The edibles at Healing Canna are mind blowing. I like the 50 mg Smores the best, but am also curious to try a 150 mg cake pop. If I eat a cake pop, I plan on being about 10 miles from civilization as we know it.

The budtenders at Healing Canna are knowledgeable and willing to share their great store of wisdom. My favorite budtender here is Cathy. She has been right on about so many recommendations she made to me over the past year. Cathy is supercool and easy going – and she has a great sense of humor.

The whole team of budtenders and cultivators and administrators at Healing Canna are super nice. They make the experience of self-medicating magical.

Dr. Releaf

2639 East Willamette

Colorado Springs, CO

I love to hit Dr. Releaf at night, when I need a little bit of good flower, or an edible for the evening. I call this a ‘one shot edible,’ so it better be good. Dr. Releaf lives up to the name. I find myself going back there again and again.

Both storefronts for Dr. Releaf are close to my house. Dr. Releaf has this strain of weed called Maui Wowie. It’s a sativa and they’ve been growing this strain for a while. I think they have perfected the Maui Wowie strain. So I visit Dr. Releaf to get some Maui Wowie or sometimes a little Blue Dream.

Dr. Releaf strives to keep $60 ounces in stock. But sometimes they run out. I have tried the $60 ounce and the weed is great. Still, I prefer a nice strong sativa like Maui Wowie over the bargain priced weed.

The budtender at Dr. Releaf on Willamette is always dressed in a new, colorful outfit with his ball cap askew. He is an avowed pothead who samples all the goods. He keeps his cute little dog behind the desk. Often I will come into the Willamette store and the budtender looks happy to see me. I frequent the place during the day, when many are at work. So I guess he is happy to see anyone.

We always have a nice, fun exchange. One day I was looking for a ‘one shot edible.’ Right away he steered me towards the Sweet Grass Brownies (100 mg) which were on sale for $5 each. I took four of the Sweet Grass Brownies home.

I am grateful to the bud tenders I mention here because they help me cope. Often I am undecided about what to buy and they never steer me wrong.

While searching for a dispensary to join here in Colorado, I decided it has to be close to my home. The other obvious objective is great weed! It’s hard to find a ‘bad’ medical dispensary in Colorado Springs. Since only medical is legal here, the dispensaries that do thrive have to be providing the best products to their patients and the finest customer service.

I am so grateful to have experienced medical cannabis in Colorado. It has been a positive time of learning and trying new things along my journey of self-care. I say self-care because one must be motivated to show up at the dispensary in the first place. Others help along the way, guiding me to the plant medicine that works best for me.