Moon Tide

Moon Tide was composed in Fort Meyers, FL, on 'turtle island' the place where sea turtles lay their eggs.

Bowditch State Park, Fort Myers, FL

Written by Elizabeth Kirwin, Electronic Music Composition by Liam Sckhot

Moon Tide is the tale of a swimmer’s abduction by a mysterious and alluring woman sea  fairy. The narrator is lured away to fairyland, the mythical home of fairies beneath the sea. The moon tide is the catching tide in the language of fishermen.  For the people of the British Isles, an encounter with the fairies is filled with fascination, danger, and the seduction of immortal life. The combination of love and fear of the fairies is apparent in this spoken word ballad, accompanied by electronic music.  As the narrator embraces the illusory part of himself, he transfigures.

Lyrics & Narration: Elizabeth Kirwin

Musical Composition:  LiamSckhot

copyright 2011  Elizabeth Kirwin and LiamSckhot

Moon Tide
by Elizabeth Kirwin

I swam upon the soft crest of waves
near the shores of Galway
at Moon Tide
during high summer.

This is when I saw her.

The lady seemed at first
to be asleep upon the waves
then she turned her iridescent eyes toward mine
and I saw her glistening white skin
merge with the ocean.
I knew then
she was not human.

I knew I need not speak to her
nor look in her eyes
If I were wise,
I might pretend
she never came.

She dived west
into the bursting red sun
as she swam farther out to sea
the Moon Tide pulled me with her.

My lady disappeared under the blue starlit sea
and the Moon Tide pulled me deeper.

My sight grew strange
in the cold purple depths of her world
from whence few humans returned.

I settled down into her dun:
rocks, crevices and caves
lit with moonbeams.
She cast her gaze upon me —
and I drunk it in.
My lady wrapped around me twice
and I surrendered to her warm embrace.

It was then, I knew I was lost.

My lady captured me
with her faery charms
at Moon Tide
a human lured away
for her own pleasure.

Yet she knew not
how much I loved
the green world.

With all of my mind and heart
I pictured it now.
My human skin that awaited the touch
of the scratchy sandy beach,
the soft curve of the land
where it meets the sea
the shells and seaweed and anemone
that slithered all over me
the sharp rocks that hurt my feet
but most of all,
my heart ached
for the human embrace
that awaited me.

I awakened from my moon tide sleep
washed up on shores that were strange to me
far from Galway Bay.
A maiden held me gently
breathing life back into my body
still shivering from the cold deep waters
from whence I emerged.
“You must not swim at moon tide,” she said
as she grasped both hands and warmed me.