little: a Happy Hill Sutra

by Jeffery Beam

for SF, TM, GW, JW

For all the Little People in the worlds (ours and theirs).
All of us have not forgotten you.

I came to crush time to study you to teach.
The Buddha


Little enough said little enough thought little enough forgotten little enough

Porch’s cold concrete bumble bee’s raftered catacomb fog lifting

Bat mother in porch eave tell us your favorite supper

Incessant wren listen cars climbing the mountain one mouth feeding another

Doves weeping on boughs dawn rain

Gay feather in daylilies splinter in finger

In the dress shop peonies in the garden peonies in the mind one

My pockets empty wren hopping cricket death chicks cheeping no rain today

Mournful crow fireflies where are you Gods & Goddesses fern fronds

Two green grasshoppers bathroom’s red walls you looking in mirror too

Wasp carrying green worm back again one minute here one minute gone Sisyphus or Sage

Negative space no Positive space on

Fingers aflame with spring water nothing lasts

Not this not that white shadows on the hemlock boughs

Too much said too much thought too much forgotten too much

One day a man came I am not he observe

Credit: Visions of Dame Kind. copyright Jeffery Beam, 1995, The Jargon Society – and What We Have Lost: New & Selected Poems 1977 – 2001, copyright 2001, Green Finch Press