Full Moon Ritual Explosion

by Elizabeth Kirwin

Watching the sun go down in Willoughby Spit during a wild and wonderful full moon ritual.

It was early June and I knew there was going to be a wild and powerful Sagitarius full moon. I was cheered when I heard my witchy friends, CAConrad and Debrah Morkun, were coming to visit for a full moon ritual.

We spent the day at the Association of Research and Enlightenment in Virginia Beach. The noon meditation is mind blowing.  It’s done upstairs, in the meditation room that overlooks the Atlantic Ocean.  This huge window looks out on the water.  I feel Edgar Cayce’s presence strong and steady in the meditation room.  I always feel energized when I leave there.

Later we had some supper and headed to the beach in Norfolk. I have always loved doing ritual right on the beach in Willoughby Spit. The magic is intertwined with watching the sun go down and the moonrise.

When we arrived on the beach, a storm was gathering.  As soon as we came across the walkway – a huge bolt of lightening struck the beach! I was scared and excited. Then we tried to set a sheet down on the beach, but the rain started to come so -we began to depart the beach. It had been forever since I’d seen a storm roll up on this beach.   I decided I was going to stay under the walkway, with a sheet over my head, and watch this storm.

So there I sat as rain and a little hail pelted the beach. I got slightly wet under there but the walkway and the sheet protected me from the blowing rain. That’s when I saw the rainbow forming.  It was a half rainbow at first.  I sent my friends a text. They were in the car.  I was so elated to see it. This meant this ritual was really meant to be.  It was special. Then came the double rainbow. Though it was not completely formed, it was visible on one side of the arc and forming on another.

A double rainbow began to form while the beach was pelted with rain and hail and the wind howled.

I snapped a photo of the rainbow. The beach is this eerie yellow color, and the rainbow is clear but the color of the rainbow has been washed out. It’s the oddest rainbow photo I’ve ever seen.  Yet it captured the essence of the pre-ritual state of nature.

Later on the beach, I worked with my rose quartz crystal. We did some cleansing of ritual objects in the sea.

That night when the full moon came up we were sipping some absinthe on the porch.  It was so incredibly lovely to have visited that beach, with my dearest friends and magical companions. I thought about nature’s display upon arrival and during our time there? Was this nature’s way of welcoming me back to the Spit?  I was charmed.

There are other energies that have awakened as a result of that ritual. As I see the magic unfold in my life now, I realize that I did touch and stir something deep inside on that full moon.

Every once in a while, the natural world reminds this ‘lil fairy magic is real.