Embrace the Vape

Dispatches from Colorado

by Elizabeth Kirwin

For a year and a half now, I have wanted to stop smoking flower. It’s bad for my lungs and is aggravating my allergies and asthma. For much of this time, I have been experimenting with different ways of ingesting concentrates.

I started out with a rig and banger and a butane torch. This made me cough even worse than smoking flower. For the beginners out there, you can convert a bong into a rig with a simple piece or two. Then all you do is fill the small bowl with a dab of wax and light it from the bottom with the torch. The bong fills up with smoke and after waiting a minute you take that hit.

Just one or two hits of wax ingested with a rig and torch can make you high for hours.

I had to let go of the rig and torch because I thought I might light my hair and eyebrows on fire. Plus, it would most likely shorten my life by 10 years with my lung conditions.

Pandon Yocan Vaporizer

Just dab some wax in the Pandon Yocan to get started vaping.

Step two is not quite as easy. The road to smoking concentrates is fraught with difficulties because it involves embracing the new technology – the vaporizer. Also known as a Vape, it really is a smart innovation for cannabis enthusiasts. It’s really just a simple electrically powered smoking tool. The vaporizer holds a coil or two. Coils are set at the exact temperature for heating the wax to optimum smoking.

I purchase wax at my local medical dispensary, Maggie’s Farm. Then dab it into coil #1 and coil #2 of the Pandon dual coil vaporizer. I inhale slowly and it works. I feel the heat from the coils and I also feel my lungs filling with something while I taste the flavor of the terpenes of the flower. These are those fragrant, delicious flavors that each cannabis bud contains.

At the end of a hit from my vaporizer, as I exhale – there is a little smoke. Sometimes there is a lot of smoke, depending upon how high I turn up the vaporizer and how deeply I inhale. I like this method of vaping wax. It takes me a couple of months to ween myself off smoking flower.

I am still interested in smoking flower and I do so once in a while now. My lungs must miss the toxins and the coughing. My brain misses the head rush. I can get over missing all of these things if the wax is tasty and powerful.

Most vaporizers can be powered with an AC plug. There is no mess, no ashes and no smell. If you are in a hotel room or on a cruise ship or living somewhere that you cannot smoke, vaping is the way to go. It’s so much easier to keep your cannabis intake under wraps with a vaporizer.

Pandon Yocan Vaporizer

Take apart the Pandon to clean with alcohol or replace one of the coils.

I found out that vaping was a much different high then smoking cannabis. I do not experience the highs and lows (and sleepiness) I have when smoking cannabis. It’s more of a steady, all-day-long high where I am functional and in good spirits, too.

Here is why I love the 2-coil Pandon Vaporizer. The system is excellent for smoking wax. When each coil is filled with wax, the person inhaling the thc concentrate is using a double hitter system. If one coil burns out and goes down, there is still one functioning coil. Invest in spare coils if you want to use the Pandon vaporizer – just in case. In fact, I recommend that users purchase two of these.

I can buy wax in its saucier form and use it in the Pandon vaporizer. I can use wax that is the texture of taffy or almond butter in the Pandon vaporizer, too. This system is excellent for wax – but do not put shatter into the coils. I damaged a Pandon in this way .

In my next Dispatch from Colorado, I will talk about upping the ante with vaporizing, by purchasing cartridges. Learn a simple turn of phrase used in the cannabis market allows you to purchase the VERY best cartridge.