Anne-Adele Wight

Anne-Adele Wight is a Philadelphia poet.

Anne-Adele Wight has written two chapbooks and a long poem in sections, Liberty’s Creature. She just finished a full-length manuscript and has begun looking for a publisher. Her work has appeared in American Writing, Philadelphia Poets, Tabula Rasa, Shrike, Mad Poets Review, Philadelphia Writers’ Conference Anthology, and The Dariens. She lives in Philadelphia and is Vice President of the series Poets and Prophets. In her daily life she works as an editor and lives with her husband and two cats. The voices of wild creatures help her discover her poems.    She is thankful.

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Fighting under Bulbs in April

Tradition        how veins ride under your wrist like ships
trepidation        how we all pull toward the sea
marked with elemental colors
replace ourselves in a cave every winter

under penalty of spring
nothing left to chance

Hibernation        arterial secret
stroked in fur
how we’re all made alike
new bears crack flagstones breaking out of their born cave
cute only at first

code rewrites itself at ground level

fighting under bulbs in April        angry fluorescent
fighting over stone bread that keeps disappearing
over how many lovers can love spring at the same time

Listen to the sun hum its dark side
true color amethyst
feel pulsing all around you like a maze of yarn        captive
pulses colliding in an angry hive        

back alley
clanging door

                  nowhere left    

magnolia smells like a liquid you can’t drink
what will you miss by jumping off a catwalk into the river?

faces flow on top of the current
seven billion        blue as veins


Leopard Flower

Preliminary estimate        control
half traditional, half peeled

your arbitrary factor
raises a crane over your head        listen upstairs
arbitrary        something you made up
the way cranes are made up

research into runes brings us
under birch trees this side of a hanging
commute sentence to beating with birch twigs
at a science fair        sanitary

                      in season moment when earth bleeds from its root

did you really request an avalanche?
raw materials in toolshed
you think you know what’s there

A girl steps into the locked ring of birch trees
a woman looks for blood she’ll never see
pregnancy slips out of being
someone keeps handing on the green scarf

                    decorate me all over with black roses
                    leopard flower

she drew a rune over her uterus to blot out cancer
gave birth half covered on her back in a hailstorm
under peeling birch bark
are we fine now?

                    claws growing under hypnosis

No advance control        no correct estimate
pre-meeting veers off subject

did you order animals for the toolshed?
they’ll split it open.


Garden Party Revisit

Revisit context     under terrace        as a garden party
bring it home
coated with pollen in your favorite color
plants convey root light on your frequency

our parents left us in egg cups
crated on the outskirts of Antarctica
how we’ve grown into planet-like objects
everyone wants to get rid of
more trouble than Pluto

they’re burning seeds
we’re out here mingling while they burn seeds

Can you grow another heartbeat?
can we exchange parts with a plant?
remap inner geography        organ by organ
yours        now mine
is this how it feels?

I’m telling you
leave the seeds alone

Birds land on an island to become black flowers
ellipse begins as a steel belt we ride in faith
around snake eye swiveling to watch us

pivot on your back
rhythm splices you in place        blossoming orbit
shoot flowers under your tongue

taste a new kind of metal
hear what you taste
hear metal climbing a green stem
                 toning in open flowers
hear metal sounding on ocean floor
hear metal ringing in the Mariana Trench
                chiming on peaks above the Tibetan Plateau

hear your world build on metal

taste harmony        taste chords
metal in dominant seventh        
sit on a bench to play drums
music torrent brings fish pouring through cornfield
brings bull with tail full of summer seed

Can we still hide in the garden?
can we hide from the party?
be careful whose back you ride
we mine seed out of context and burn it

become a stone figure
under eight-point star drawn on black paper
watch it shine through flight feathers

revisit context
leave the seeds alone
remember lavender strobing under your skin?


Garden Party Famine

Wear sunglasses with systemic lipstick
do you hate parties?
trees and sky turn green blue like mold
people gather to watch sunset through three fountains

               poison guests randomly
               some ravenous, some not

instead of moonrise
glass plate overhead spirals purple and teal

procession of left-handed people
searches for turtles under light from the spillway

              if you eat or drink in the castle
              this party will never end

why are sky and trees falling away?


Landscape Design

Inconstancy of earthmover and cherry picker
draws blood
how we turn the yard inside out to clean it

pack our DNA in pewter
let current invade bone structure

internal organs begin to show in my hair
can I atone for self-deception by throwing wood off a cliff?

we hang pieces of river to dry on a clothesline
talk about flowers
while a hand blue as disease runs up our back

orbital camera captures from space
red sand spreading like the Wall of China

dinosaur eye looked through me before I was born
that scar like fur
where fingers touch my central spine
how black stars roar in turned soil

design the next garden as a stairway flowering underground
mirror gives back a sine wave made of grass.