Getting Your Medical Marijuana Card in NJ

Wednesday, March 25th, 2020
by Elizabeth Kirwin

Thank you so much Governor Murphy for opening up the Medical Marijuana laws in New Jersey. Now people with chronic pain can make the transition off opiods, which are highly addictive and not recommended for long-term use.

Medical Marijuana laws in NJ also allow patients with Anxiety and Depression issues to cycle off the high addictive pychotropic drugs. Now, these patients have the option for a less addictive and gentler on the body type of relief: Indica strains or indica dominant hybrid strains of thc.

Most importantly, Governor Murphy saw the need to offer patients on Medicaid, SSI, SSD, and Disabled Military to receive special pricing at dispensaries. This includes a 20% discount on flower at my local dispensary. The program the patient is a participant in is noted on the NJ Medical Marijuana card so no extra IDs are needed at the dispensary.

Governor Murphy took the time to construct a program that will benefit many people in the state of New Jersey.

Don’t expect your regular primary doctor to prescribe medical cannabis, however! Jefferson Health System in Philadelphia and Southern New Jersey has zero doctors who will prescribe medical marijuana. Other health systems may have pain management doctors who prescribe medical marijuana.

The best way to obtain a med card in NJ is to to go directly to a Medical marijuana doctor or clinic and have health records transferred there. I went through Releaf Alternative Medicine in Mount Laurel and had a good experience.

Cost for a medical marijuana doctor to examine your medical records and make a recommendation based on your qualifying condition(s) varies, depending upon the practitioner and the number of times the Marijuana doctor needs to see you in one calendar year.

It may take a little more time than Colorado to receive a NJ medical marijuana card, but it’s worth the wait. Medicine is high quality and consistent and the product market in NJ is expanding as new dispensaries come online.

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