An Inutuitive Empath’s Awareness

white crystal

This white three pointed Atlantean crystal was a great source of illumination for me.

I am an Intuitive Empath(IE).  I have known about this since I was a child.  I had hints of precognitive abilities, telepathy and a heightened awareness of my surroundings that transcended what others seemed to experience. I learned to keep my experiences to myself, as I know many IEs have kept themselves hidden.  When I lived in Colorado Springs, CO from 2018-19, I got into UFOology and watched David Wilcock, one of my favorites, introduce Corey Goode, whom I seemed to know. Corey identified as an IE and said he grew up in a military family. Goode was vetted into a program at an early age that identified him as an Intuitive Empath and trained him in this skill.

I am so grateful to David and Corey for all of their work in revealing the true existence of the Intuitive Empath and their acknowledgement that IEs can be trained and their abilities enhanced.

Now that I know this, I say to myself, what do I DO?  My idea is to create an eastern and western sanctuary for IEs who are non-military.  In addition, I would like to see some formal training evolve out of this.

Finally, I want to hear from other IEs and what you feel your needs are…..Would you like to be among people like yourself?  Do you think training would be helpful to you?  Does anybody in your life know about your IE abilities?  If so, are they:  skeptical, scared, on board, tolerant, or all in?  Have you experienced any health related problems because of your IE abilities?

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