Colorado Cannabis

Reveries of Maggies Farm: Buying Medical Cannabis in Colorado Springs (Nevada Ave.)

By Elizabeth Kirwin

maggies farm colorado springs

Maggie’s Farm is at 1420 Colorado Avenue in Colorado Springs. Medical Cannabis only at this location.

Now that I am firmly situated in New Jersey, I like to close my eyes and reminisce about the many happy times I spent living in and traveling around Colorado.

When I think back to even last fall, I remember quick trips to the medical cannabis dispensary to stock up for the day, the week, whatever. There were always some awesome sales going down at Maggies Farm.

I would prefer to visit in the morning, or at the very least during the daytime. My favorite budtender, Miranda, worked these normal hours. Plus the manager was almost always there. I am so incredibly thankful for all that Miranda taught me about medical marijuana.

In Colorado, Budtenders actually have time to speak to you and guide you towards a plethora of thc products and delivery methods that simply blow your mind. You really feel like you hit the cannabis lottery and now you have all the time in the world to fill your cart. But you don’t. There are others waiting in the lobby. So you have to be concise when you ask the budtender a question. But Miranda liked waiting on me because she actually got my sense of humor. Plus, she gave me every single discount I was entitled to, and not every budtender does this.

So, thanks Miranda for your wide knowledge of products and brands and your kindness, sense of humor and liveliness. Not to mention your natural beauty. I miss you and I miss Colorado Springs.

Maggies Farm on Nevada in South Colorado Springs has a parking lot and is just off the highway.

I hope to return again to Colorado one day. Right now I am enduring the ugliness of New Jersey dispensaries, compared to Colorado Springs. First of all the crowds are massive. I have waited as long as 2 ½ hours to get in the door. I cannot tell you how frustrating this is for the everyday consumer, who has other things to do with this time.

I hope more dispensaries will throw open their doors and that prices will drop and things will change. Change cannot come fast enough for dear old me.

Don’t forget this location is medical cannabis only. So, if you’re looking for recreational cannabis, just keep going 25 South to Pueblo.