Fairy Gothic Ballads

The Fairy Gothic Ballads are the result of a three year collaboration between Elizabeth Kirwin, a poet and performance artist, and LiamSckhot, a music composer with specialties in percussion and electronic music.

Mannanlochlee – a fairy king inhabits a gothic castle on the coast and haunts a small village

Moon Tide – a swimmer is abducted by a woman sea fairy

The Lady of Dun Doegin – a woman faery lives in a secret location in Donegal, where she wields her power over life and death

Sea Changeling – a two spirit lands on the shoreline after an afternoon thunderstorm and is taken in by a woman of the village

The Geis Upon My Life – a curse is placed upon a bard while he is camped on the coast one night, just north of Galway Bay

The Drover of Shanwalla – a drover tends a pair of dragons, not sheep, on top of the mythical mountain: Ben Bulbin

The Fairy Gothic Ballads are copyrighted by LiamSckhot and Elizabeth Kirwin, ©2011.  For permission to reproduce this work, in whole or in part, email info@fairiesinamerica.com.

The fairy gothic ballads are based on the life of an 18th Century character, the bard, who lives and travels among the Irish people and records the legends and stories of that time. The bard is trained in the magical arts and poetics.

The Fairy Gothic Ballads reveal the tenuous relationship between the Irish people and the fairy race.  Many of the townsfolk and villagers are terrified and fascinated by the incursions the fairies make into the human world.  The bard records their stories with compassion, a deep understanding of his people, and some paranormal flair.

Watch this interview with CAConrad on Paranormal Poetics on the supernatural origins of the Fairy Gothic Ballads.

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