Join the Sidhe in celebrating the Third Annual Lughnasa Festival!

(July 20, Norfolk, Virginia) This July 31 – August 2, Shannon Avery, author of The Queen’s Rune and Other Tales of the Sidhe, is sponsoring a celebration of Lughnasa, the Sidhe holiday devoted to games, arts and crafts. For the past two years, Avery and friends have hosted a gathering of Sidhe and Sidhe-friends for food, music, and artistic expression. This year, the gathering expands to include all of Ghent.

Highlights include a Bar Crawl Scavenger Hunt through Ghent on Friday, July 31, and a Sidhe Fight Demonstration followed by a concert featuring the songs and stories of the Sidhe performed by Lea Ann Douglas and several special guests on Saturday, August 1.

Lughnasa is an ancient holiday of the Celts, who celebrated the end of summer and beginning of the harvesting season with games and feasting. Among the Sidhe, Lughnasa is also a time for contests of strength and skill. Friendly competition among the Karui (Tribes) of the Sidhe takes place in the form of mock battles, tests of wit, and expressions of creativity.

To join in the Bar Crawl Scavenger Hunt, participants need only follow “Sionne” on Twitter and “tweet” her in order to receive the clues throughout the event. For a schedule of events or more information on other events, email or check the official website of the Sidhe at Groups or individuals wishing to sponsor and event and join in the Lughnasa Fest should email

The Queen’s Rune and Other Tales of the Sidhe is a collection of poems and stories divulging the most treasured tales of the culture created by writer and anthropologist Lea Ann Douglas. For over twenty years, Douglas has been weaving history, language, and characters of folktales from around the world to create the unique Sidhe culture. Drawing on the universal themes of myth and following in the tradition of such speculative fiction and fantasy writers as J.R.R. Tolkien, Robert Heinlein, and Frank Herbert, creator of the Dune series, Douglas’ Sidhe world illuminates the most fundamental questions about what creates a species and their values.

The Queen’s Rune and Other Tales of the Sidhe is available at: Bibliophile Bookshop and Local Heroes in Norfolk, VA; Malaprops, Asheville, NC; The Book Lady, Savannah, GA; and on