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The art of the medium

Tuesday, August 9th, 2016

channel the dead

Owl Sister, Medium

Mediumship is the art of hearing or seeing those who have ‘crossed over’ (or, died). Sometimes the capability of ‘walking between the worlds’ is inherited. It often follows family lines of descent either on the mother’s side or father’s side. The immortal power of mediumship affects generations. In families, those with the power to hear and see inform other who cannot. This keeps the family line balanced and knitted together throughout time.


The power of mediumship can be honed, with the right teacher. It is necessary to have a teacher in the beginning. Learning methods of not overloading the system (the body) with too much energy (which may resemble psychosis) is an integral part of the path for any medium.


The teacher’s duty is to assist the medium to learn to openly receive the information and convey it to interested parties. As experience is gathered in the art, the teacher will then show the medium how to conduct larger amounts of energy through the body.


In some traditions, this may be referred to as acting as a conduit. Mediumship is far more than this. Releasing dead entities into the light or sending them into the mists is not often easy. To sternly order them to return from whence they came takes practice and confidence. Sometimes those who have crossed over do not want to go. In some cases their loved ones do not want to release them. When the session is complete entities must be released. These methods may be learned from an advanced soul.


Lots of people want to channel the dead, especially those of their immediate family who have passed. Yet it is not as easy as it sounds. It takes a great deal of listening to hear them. The power of clairaudience is the first step towards communication. Without this, a medium would be lost. For those with more advanced frequencies, clairvoyance, or the power to see, is possible. To become adept in one or both takes time and practice.


For those who want to learn mediumship, practice first on calling to your own ancestors. Call their full name between the hours of 4-5 p.m. or after Midnight. Though some may take time to arrive, others will be present in an instant.


DNA is a powerful living organism which can be used to reach out and touch the web of life. In the ethereal world, DNA is a magnet that attracts relatives thru its natural electrical impulse. By initiating the sounds of names and speaking them aloud, the frequency is immediately raised. The ancestors (once summoned) are bound to answer. They are conveyed immediately to the tunnel. Here, on the verge between the living and the dead, the ancestors meet whomever called them, and impart whatever information is needed.